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Working With Nature: A Orientation to a Municipal Natural Infrastructure Toolkit

Are you someone who needs context?


This slide deck from an overview of the Working With Nature Toolkit will help you get a handle on the intent and the evolution of the toolkit, as well as providing a step-by-step description of the Toolkit itself.

YouTube Webianr thumb.png

Working With Nature Webinar Recording (YouTube)

Are you some who needs context … but would prefer watching a video?


This is the recording of the above presentation, given as a webinar.

Town of Cochrane Review

As part of the Working With Nature program, we were lucky enough to partner with the Town of Cochrane, who agreed to be the real-world pilot. This slide deck created by Cochrane for a national webinar gives their perspective on WWN, and provides their contact information.


The recommendations they made here were instrumental in refining the final Working With Nature Toolkit.

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